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About Econolight

Econolight is a registered trademark in Australia.

PO Box 724,  Albion BC, Queensland 4010  Australia


After years of struggling with limited success to promote the use of energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Lamps (commonly referred to as CFL’s), the announcement in 2007 by then Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull of the intention by the Australian Government to phase out the use of incandescent light bulbs by 2010 came as a welcome sign to the partners of Econolight that the Government was on the right track. This announcement coupled with the advent of new regulations by many States Government’s to require a percentage of every new home to be lit by energy efficient lighting acted as a catalyst for Econolight to expand their range & market.

Established in 2006 Econolight’s primary objective was to providing premium quality energy saving CFL’s to the Queensland market along with an evolving range of attractive & functional light fittings for the CFL’s to be used in.

Combined, Econolight’s partners have over 45 years experience in the lighting industry covering all aspects of lighting from retail through to commercial. With such a diverse range of experience they are perfectly placed to select, design & modify lighting products to uniquely suit the Australian market, with the desired result; quality, durable, functional light fittings that are easy to install, maintain & change lamps.

Econolight’s Directors are passionate about conserving the environment; this is evident in both their personal & corporate lives. To this end they are always striving to find economies that will result in the reduction of emissions to the environment.